Other Payment Gateway for Paytm Intent Upi


Thank you very much to my friend kevinc .
Without their collaboration I was unable to complete this extension


आप सभी के लिए मेरा नया एक्सटेंशन प्रस्तुत है .

Paytm Intent Upi

इसके द्वारा आप इस बिल्डर में एप्प में अपना पेमेंट गेटवे जोड़ सकते है
इसका मूल्य बहुत ही साधारण रखा गया है ताकि ज्यादा से लोग इसका उपयोग कर सके
केवल रुपये 500 .|


i’m presenting my new extension for everyone.

Paytm Intent Upi

By this you can add your payment gateway to the app in this builder.

Its price is very low so that more people can use it , only INR 500

i also accept payments using Paytm
please scen this QR Code with your Paytm App to pay me .

My other extension for Payment Gateway


i need this extension


I need this extension… Please :slight_smile:


Can you show example video/apk?


we neeed bitpay for bitcoin!!!


I want to buy this
Whatsapp me on
And i need to ask some questions also.
So plz msg ne ass soon as you can.


Dont post personal info on the forum. Just pm the developer.


for ur & all users kind information .
I never give any one of my payment-making extensions to those people who ask me here that they want to buy and have created a new ID for the extension
And also suggest all the paid extensions to the developer. Do not allow any new person who creates a new ID for the extension


@Shivendra_Kr_Sahu there are different App Inventor forums… not everyone uses Appybuilder… so if someone is using another builder and finds out, that there is a nice extension available from you, you don’t want to provide it to that developer?

Don’t punish honest developers from other platforms because of a few bad guys who tried to fool you…



Dear sir @Taifun I have post on almost all App Inventor forums forums, why dont they ask there only where they are old members.
And also I have observed that for all my new paid extensions people who have joined the forum on same day ,they only ask and when I ask them their real identity they just overlook. I dont understand what is reason behind hiding their identity. I you wish I can show you plenty of such posts.


are you also active on the MIT App Inventor forum?
and if someone finds one of your extensions in my extension directory, the directory will send these people to only one community even if you presented the extension somewhere else…

yes, I agree, this is unplesant…



I’ve sent you some pm about this topic


Because if I post something related to Paid Extensions on it Some people were protesting. Therefore I do not post anything related to the Paid extension .

If I ask him about the identity of the person coming from there, he definitely tells me


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Bro the person whom link you shared
Is also copied that extension from my blocks and also didn’t gived. Me any credit.
I was only one who maked any app possible to use paytm payment gateway without any extension and i want to use payment gateway through merchant i’d.
Not by payment gateway link i already created logic for that link


Then buy the extension from Shivendra_Kr_Sahu