Open street map issue


hello, it’s been two days the OSM is not loaded in my GPS based tracking app

just grids showing up and nothing

tried it on several android devices and never worked

tried making another dummy app with open street map component still that app never loaded a map too !

System dont show map type roads

It is a known problem. App Inventor is releasing a new version this weekend. The developers of AppyBuilder are able to merge that solution into AppyBuilder.


thank you for the reply

i’ll be waiting


I’m waiting too. I have many users complaining that the map has stopped working.


thank god i have a web version or else i’d get lot of complaints from users,
but i am eagerly still waiting for it, i have imported aia to app inventor and it works perfectly, map loads and everything, but i just don’t like the way app inventor renders the UI of the app


I’m getting desperate. I have more than 5000 users


thanks, it’s fixed now