Open New Screens crashes App


I wanted to update my app, which I haven’t done for about a year.
I made several changes, but none that would affect the different screens. The last version had been working fine, but now my app closes whenever it tries to open another screen. I haven’t changed the package name or anything else I found in the forum that could be responsible for the problem.
The problem occurs no matter whether I download a version via barcode or I download it and use ApptoMarket.

Redirecting to a screen looks like that:


Have there been any other changes I might not be aware of over the last 12 months or any other ideas what might cause this?

Only other hint I have: My app also suffers from the Clock-Component-Bug (the hints in the forum don’t work for me, which is pretty annoying, but that’s on a different page), but the clocks aren’t directly linked to opening a new screen.

I’d appreciate any idea you might have… I’m really lost right now.
Thanks a lot, best



In this case, just type the screen name.