onTouchListener Doesnt Work on AppyBuilder


Im just Wondering anyone have an idea to resolve that, So far I known, Appybuilder newest sdk than others.
i know the problem because the parent have child, and in AppyBuilder no longer supported for pass child, Anyone any code?

I’d try to every child setClickable to false, return false, even disptachevent.


What??? I didn’t get anything atll


Same here. I don’t understand what you are asking. What component?


@John , @Ben Im sorry its all about language, i cant ask a question very weel,
I will Give you a sample like this.

the App was working perfect on another app builder, but when Im try on Appy builder, its not working slide by swipe, I use On touch listener(Motion Event).
I read all topics google says its just because on Newer api if you touch child, child interested on listener, I cant get straight into Parent.



  1. You can type in your native language
  2. Can you PM me your .aia?