Online version shutdown June 30th



I’m registered today in the AppyBuilder platform, and when go to community forum, I discovered a message that after June 30th the online version will be off

My question is if the offline version installed on my pc will work with all features than online version?

Does anyone know why this determination?



Offline version won’t update anymore so soon you won’t be able to update your apps if needed. I suggest to work with Kodular



The problem with kodular is that I need to pay for branding removal the amount of $5 month for each app


You can keep paying commission then you don’t have to pay a monthly amount.


Sorry, I don’t quite understand your reply. Could you clarify it?


You can use Kodular for free if you don’t remove the branding. But then you have to show Made with Kodular.


Thanks Peter for your time. Now understand!