Online clock extension



Anyone have an online clock and date extension.if not then create any developer


What that extension would do?


You want get time online :thinking:


For button validity because my app is online class study


Yes, time and date online.


use web for online time


maybe this can help you


No, i want to show label


Ya web component can help you to get online time & also show on label


How to show in label please explain


Here you can check time online when you click. now you can set it as per your requirements.


Sir please tell me what url use and id for only date show


Please sir i want to use date only


Sir please tell me how to show this url


Check it. For aia. pm me.


Thank you sir. I do it.


No need of Thank you. If its Possible just donate me some money on Paytm for my Orphans Friends. From your Donation i can buy some goodies for them…


Hi. Did you get to make It?


Yes i make it and also compare two date