OneSignalPush notification tutorial



In Appybuilder (Appinventor) there is a possibility to read incoming data.
The only ExtraKey that AI/AB look for is “APP_INVENTOR_START”.

“To pass a startup text value to the App Inventor app you are starting with the Activity Starter, ise EXTRAS to set the KEY property to the string APP_INVENTOR_START and set the VALUE Property to the text you want to pass. The other app can then retrieve this value with Get Start Plain Text. To return a value from the other app, use Close Screen With Plain Text.”

I have tried in Onesignal with the Additional Data key-value combination {“APP_INVENTOR”:“123456789”} but Appybuilder does not see the Onesignal key-value incoming data, or it is not right sent by Onesignal. I do not know how to test if the Onesignal message contains the “APP_INVENTOR” data, sent in the message.


Hy, I am using OneSignal notifications to notify users of the need to update their app.
I would like to, once they click on the notification message, they would immediately be directed to Google Store and possibly to the app to be updated.

Can it be done?


@Appsbeheerder why don’t you try it with APP_INVENTOR_START ?


From OneSignal Dashboard:

From my extension just fill launchurl


My phone does not receive any notification when it closed.
I did as tutorial ! And tested with live test and apk file.
But my test app just received notifications when it 's running and actived.
When I open another app, my test app run in background or when it do not run, my phone does not receive any notification.
What’s wrong ?
My phone Android 8.1
Anyone may help me ?