OneSignalPush notification tutorial



@Gabryk If you don’t specify Launch URL, then clicking it will open your app


If i have 25-30 phones at my work with my current app installed. And say i would like to send a particular message to one of this devices using this method i can only send to all of them because of the same OneSignalPush-ID right, is there a way to choose a specific device and only send a message to that specific device. Or do i have to have a uniqe-id and create like 25 accounts on OneSignalPush-website for that?


@Pagerlind Currently, you can’t. However, you CAN setup a filter and for example send to those people who have been active within past n-number of hours. There are other filter options available too. Below is a snapshot of some of the filters:


Yeah i saw thoose filters, but i didn’t find anyone that would help my needs out. All my personall have different schedules trough out the day. And if the leaders in the management changes the scheme they need to push out a message to just that specific user to update their scheme to just that specific phone. Today they are using the normal SMS function to text the selected user from a list gathering data with their specific phone-name and their phone number. Thank you for good answers thou :slight_smile:


Unfortunately another feature I can’t use in my app. I get error below when building apk.

AppyBuilder is unable to compile this project.
The compiler error output was
________Creating fragment xml
________Generating manifest file
________Attaching native libraries
________Attaching component assets
________Compiling source files
(compiling com/appybuilder/felixsarp/TigoSelfCareOfficial/_DO_NOT_DELETE_ConvertedFromAI1.yail to com.appybuilder.felixsarp.TigoSelfCareOfficial._DO_NOT_DELETE_ConvertedFromAI1)
(compiling com/appybuilder/felixsarp/TigoSelfCareOfficial/Data.yail to com.appybuilder.felixsarp.TigoSelfCareOfficial.Data)
(compiling com/appybuilder/felixsarp/TigoSelfCareOfficial/Screen1.yail to com.appybuilder.felixsarp.TigoSelfCareOfficial.Screen1)
(compiling com/appybuilder/felixsarp/TigoSelfCareOfficial/Promotions.yail to com.appybuilder.felixsarp.TigoSelfCareOfficial.Promotions)
(compiling com/appybuilder/felixsarp/TigoSelfCareOfficial/Home.yail to com.appybuilder.felixsarp.TigoSelfCareOfficial.Home)
(compiling com/appybuilder/felixsarp/TigoSelfCareOfficial/Subscriptions.yail to com.appybuilder.felixsarp.TigoSelfCareOfficial.Subscriptions)
(compiling com/appybuilder/felixsarp/TigoSelfCareOfficial/Home2.yail to com.appybuilder.felixsarp.TigoSelfCareOfficial.Home2)
(compiling com/appybuilder/felixsarp/TigoSelfCareOfficial/CustomerCare.yail to com.appybuilder.felixsarp.TigoSelfCareOfficial.CustomerCare)
(compiling /tmp/runtime3243400948326247749.scm to
Kawa compile time: 7.097 seconds
________Invoking DX
DX time: 58.069 seconds
________Invoking AAPT
AAPT time: 0.163 seconds
_______Invoking ApkBuilder to build: /tmp/1507737033841_0.4553481716015404-0/youngandroidproject/…/build/deploy/TigoSelfCareOfficial.ap
YAIL compiler - ApkBuilder failed.


@felixsarp duplicate post. Sorry, but again, as mentioned previously in your other post, this could be due to conflicting extensions. Other folks like @Gustavo_LunitSoft_Lu have created VERY professional COMMERCIAL apps that includes OneSignalPush and works perfectly.

Start simple with that component. Does it build??

We’ll later merge this post into previous one


Yesterday there was an error with the function, error getting id, but with the appybuilder update is fixed, now my app works fine, the client is pleased by the smooth operation of their app.


Hi @Hossein Sorry it seems like a duplicate post but this version of my app build ok without the Maps component i reported earlier. I have this issue again once I add the OneSignal component to app. When removed, it builds just fine. It does not build even with all extensions removed. Hope a solution is found soon.


@Lml_DLGdo can u do a tutorial on how you implemented ‘onesignal updates using another app’? Its the need of the hour. Pleaseee do it


@picanapicana, this is @Lml_DLGdo tutorial.

Send Push Notification Trough Your Apps


@picanapicana did you read this:


Hello felixsarp i have same problem in my app, have you solved your problem, if you, can you tell me how did you solved, and i dont use any extansions if i Remove one signal, its compiling without problem


@felixsarp @mustafa_buyukbulgurc Did you try the sample .aia that was provided in this thread?


Hello Hossein, i tried , when i crate a new project there is no problem, one signal working perfectly , but i think its about mit app inventor, because i import this app from app inventor. may be it s a bug. somebody try to rename app s, but i cant because i m using firebase. and i cant change the name of app.


AppyBuilder is unable to compile this project.
The compiler error output was
________Creating fragment xml
________Generating manifest file
________Attaching native libraries
________Attaching component assets
________Compiling source files
(compiling com/appybuilder/m_buyukbulgurcu/KaelKompanzasyon/hesap_ekrani.yail to com.appybuilder.m_buyukbulgurcu.KaelKompanzasyon.hesap_ekrani)
(compiling com/appybuilder/m_buyukbulgurcu/KaelKompanzasyon/super_svc.yail to com.appybuilder.m_buyukbulgurcu.KaelKompanzasyon.super_svc)
(compiling com/appybuilder/m_buyukbulgurcu/KaelKompanzasyon/Komp_takip.yail to com.appybuilder.m_buyukbulgurcu.KaelKompanzasyon.Komp_takip)
(compiling com/appybuilder/m_buyukbulgurcu/KaelKompanzasyon/sigorta_kontaktor.yail to com.appybuilder.m_buyukbulgurcu.KaelKompanzasyon.sigorta_kontaktor)
(compiling com/appybuilder/m_buyukbulgurcu/KaelKompanzasyon/gerilim_dusumu.yail to com.appybuilder.m_buyukbulgurcu.KaelKompanzasyon.gerilim_dusumu)
(compiling com/appybuilder/m_buyukbulgurcu/KaelKompanzasyon/bilgiler.yail to com.appybuilder.m_buyukbulgurcu.KaelKompanzasyon.bilgiler)
(compiling com/appybuilder/m_buyukbulgurcu/KaelKompanzasyon/Screen1.yail to com.appybuilder.m_buyukbulgurcu.KaelKompanzasyon.Screen1)
(compiling com/appybuilder/m_buyukbulgurcu/KaelKompanzasyon/ayarlar.yail to com.appybuilder.m_buyukbulgurcu.KaelKompanzasyon.ayarlar)
(compiling com/appybuilder/m_buyukbulgurcu/KaelKompanzasyon/kondansatorler.yail to com.appybuilder.m_buyukbulgurcu.KaelKompanzasyon.kondansatorler)
(compiling com/appybuilder/m_buyukbulgurcu/KaelKompanzasyon/hat_reaktoru.yail to com.appybuilder.m_buyukbulgurcu.KaelKompanzasyon.hat_reaktoru)
(compiling /tmp/runtime279689738419334843.scm to
Kawa compile time: 8.882 seconds
________Invoking DX
DX time: 42.019 seconds
________Invoking AAPT
AAPT time: 0.076 seconds
_______Invoking ApkBuilder to build: /tmp/1514710896003_0.9872165253608014-0/youngandroidproject/…/build/deploy/KaelKompanzasyon.ap
YAIL compiler - ApkBuilder failed.


Can i send push notification every 10 minute


Saben como puedo hacer que cuando me llegue una notificacion de onesignal (ya sea usando key y values o los action buttons) esta al darle click me mande a un Screen en especifico ???


use Clock Component together with OneSignal Component


unfortunately this cannot be applied at this time, I myself am looking for ways to be able to implement this


Thanks, it would be great if you could implement a function like that. Excuse my English from Google Translate