OneSignalPush notification tutorial



Please see documentation below for setting up and sending push notification using the new OneSignalPush notification component:

Push Notification Example?
The "More information" links on the advanced Palette lead to 404 NOT_FOUND page
Push Notification question
Sending notifications using Onesignal API

Is there a way to open a screen of the app when they click the notification?


Yes. IF you don’t specify “Launch URL”, then it will open the app, otherwise will open the URL in the “Launch URL”.

I will update tutorial doc


But what if I want to open the Screen 2 screen?
Will always open the main?


Currently you can’t. However you add a request below and we’ll check into it:


Also thank you very much for including this is very useful


How does this differ from PushNotfication … sorry I havent use either of them



  • Easier setup
  • No limitations on number of connected devices
  • Dashboard for sending notifications
  • Dashboard to track results of current and all previous pushed notifications


Also, more important

users don’t have to be in the app or using their devices to receive them.


hay un inconveniente. con el appy push puedo mandar desde una app sobre firebase una notifcacion a otras apps. con onesignal,esto ya no sera posible. solo a través del dashbord de onesignal. esto no es en mi interés.

there is a drawback. with the appy push I can send from an app on firebase a notification to other apps. with onesignal, this will no longer be possible. only through onesignal dashbord. this is not in my interest


@fred_kowalski you can use both components. Both actually use firebase .

Can you provide more info and clarify how you are using the old PushNotification component? Are you using it for chat?


también,pero no solo para chat. sencillamente uso una app para enviar un texto de aviso a firebase,y con otros buckets envio textos y imágenes a firebase y firebasestorage. la otra app lo recibe el push, el usuario abre la app y automático se descarga el texto y imagen.
es sencillo usando 2 buckets diferentes

also, but not just for chat. I simply use an app to send a mesage text to firebase, and with other buckets send texts and images to firebase and firebasestorage. the other app receives the push, the user opens the app and automatic downloads the text and image.
is simple using 2 different buckets


@fred_kowalski nice. Thats a good usage :slight_smile:


Wow, this is very cool… We can even know user statistics that click our message…:smile:


@Ronin Give it a try :slight_smile:


no solo puedes mandar desde el dashboard de onesignal. tambien puedes mandar notificaciones con codigo php y otros codigos de lenguaje.
yo subi un codigo php a mi servidor y desde la app llama esta pagina y se envian la notificaciones.

Push Notification question

@Lml_DLGdo Can you share a sample php code? Thanks


@Hossein Sure, will try it today…

@Lml_DLGdo Can you share your php, please?


Onesignal is nice. But earlier i used to use another app to send push notifications using firebase (. i mean instead of dashboard.). Is this possible using onesignal?


OneSignalPush notification is great. Thanks for this feature. Now I have the much desired feature added to my apps.