oneSignalPush improvements


HI, i was checking the oneSignal REST API and ther its a posibility to send messages to specific users, this could be the soltution, but i need playerID…

oneSignal asigned an playerID when you are suscribed, so that way i can add tags to that user to target him when i send a message using rest api

here is the api documentation:

Here is the blocks to send basic message (tested):

Please update onesignal component returning data after suscribed.



@mirxtrem_apps Please add an issue here:


thanks, its not an issue… i am asking add new feature. maybe my english is not good


@mirxtrem_apps it’s okay. Issues can be tagged as enhancements. We’ll take care of it


Some news about this?.. or please i need the set TopicPath will be very useful in block editor