OneSignalPlus | Send Push to Specific PlayerID [Paid - Donation]



I made additional components for Onesignal. is a further development of the components that I have made before, OneSignalPlus, before, in the OneSignalPlus component there are only blocks that know the status of subscriptions and get Onesignal PlayerID, this time I added a feature to send messages to certain users based on the user’s PlayerID.

example block, I send a message to myself


this component can be applied to Chat and other applications.
henceforth I will try to make a block to get AdditionalData (customKey) from OneSignal.

if you need this component, you can send a little donation for further development. You can send donations to my paypal here
send a personal message to me after you give a donation, I will send the file via email.

OneSignalPlus | Get PlayerID, Send Push, Add Tag, etc [Donation]
OneSignalPlus Send Push & Add Tag to Specific PlayerID [Donation]

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