OneSignalPlus | Get PlayerID, Send Push, Add Tag, etc [Donation]





Can this be implemented in your extension? I would pay for it


Open specific screen?


Yes. Pass value from OneSignal console then open a specific screen when clicking on the notification or perform something if value equals to something


Any news regarding my request


que tal funciona esta extensión en Appinventor?


Hi, i have a question, if a send param in a notification by onesignalplus, how can i read that params?


it’s not possible at this time


hi great work i am using ur ext but when i used the get player id always reply with -1 can you help me


you can try get player ID from OneSignalPush extension from appy builder


Hola, te acabo de enviar un donativo de 5, envíame a este correo la extensión gracias.


I make a donation. When i will get this exxtension?


Please, just pm the developer don’t ask here.


wanttob …i didnt get your extension…my gmail is


Please, send your email by PM.
Except, if you want spam message attack your email :smiley:


Me interesa su extensión si me puede contestar ala brevedad por favor


I await your response to get your extension


Do not post your email in a public forum , you should edit your post and remove your email


Hola le eh enviado varios mensaje para conseguir su extensión estoy dispuesto a donarle pero no tengo cuenta paypal solo mach o si tiene para hacerle transferencia. Poder comunicarse conmigo??


Porque al usar get player id me devuelve - 1