OneSignalPlus | Get PlayerID, Send Push, Add Tag, etc [Donation]



Thanks so much for you @Hossein and Appybuilder Team for releasing Editor,and Thanks for @Taifun fou your guidance on your Puravidaapps

after learning and trying for these two days, finally, for the first time I was able to make my own extensions that I really need right now.
This extension is very simple, is an addition to OneSignalPush extension.
inside there are two parts:

  1. Knowing the subscription status is true or false
  2. Obtain PlayerID information

in my case, I am storing this PlayerID information on my server, so I can use this information to send messages to specific users.
This can be used to :

  1. chat application (accept push notifications if someone sends a message)
  2. e-commerce application (accept push notifications for purchase / sale status)
  3. registration of members (accept push notifications for member registration status)
  4. etc…

This extension is still very minimal because this is the first extension I made, besides that, I just learned java because I wanted to make this extension.
I hope this extension can help all of your here who need to get PlayerID from OneSignalPush Push Notification

note: actually, this is not my full coding result, in the learning phase, I tried to compare from several applications that I had previously made with appybuilder and others and took some parts (scripts) from the extracted results.

Current Version : Version 4

OneSignalPlus | Send Push to Specific PlayerID [Paid - Donation]
OneSignalPlus Send Push & Add Tag to Specific PlayerID [Donation]
CustomChatBox v.1
OneSignalPlus | Send Push to Specific PlayerID [Paid - Donation]

Gracias por compartir! Excelente aporte.


Thanks @wanttobe for sharing this extension.

I wanted to implement your extension in my live chat app. Please you can explain (with example) how to send a push notification to a person in particular from the same app (without using the onesignal dashboard).


Look at this @Leandro_Z


Thanks @Appsbeheerder, i have seen it. But I do not understand how to implement it, I’m not newbie in Appybuilder or AI2.

I read and test onesignal push notifications, not know how to combining PHP and this extension.

Please there can make someone a tutorial how to implement onesignal, PHP and this extension, for send notifications to specific PlayerID.

I’m sorry about it, I’m still learning.


oh, so you mean combining your apps with PHP script on your server?


Yes @wanttobe. I searching solution for send push notifications to particular device for my app. May be with your extension, PHP and onesignal can do this, straight from the application without using onesignal dashboard.


are you familiar with PHP and MySQL?
if you are familiar with both of it, so i guess you only need some experiment. you only need to catch PlayerID with my extension and send it to your database server. after that, and you can read OneSignal documentation about how to send Push Notification for specific user here
if you need more example, please post what you have done (appybuilder block and PHP script) here


Thanks so much for your repli.
I’m not familiar with Java, PHP and MsSQL.
For that reason asked if there can make someone a step by step tutorial.
I’m sure that tutorial help to many users of this community.


I made additional components for Onesignal. is a further development of the components that I have made before, OneSignalPlus, before, in the OneSignalPlus component there are only blocks that know the status of subscriptions and get Onesignal PlayerID, this time I added a feature to send messages to certain users based on the user’s PlayerID.

example block, I send a message to myself


this component can be applied to Chat and other applications.
henceforth I will try to make a block to get AdditionalData (customKey) from OneSignal.

if you need this component, you can send a little donation for further development. You can send donations to my paypal here
send a personal message to me after you give a donation, I will send the file via email.


Entonces se podrán enviar push a los dispositivos seleccionados?cuál es el coste?


@wanttobe Is this made through AppyBuilder CodeEditor?


yes @Hossein, i made it throught AppyBuilder CodeEditor


yes, every user when installing your application (which includes a OneSignal component) will automatically get a unique PlayerID. You can get the PlayerID value with this component, then save it in your database (firebaseDB or WebDB, etc).
Furthermore, you can use the PlayerID data to send PushNotification messages to certain people who have installed your application.

for donations, you can send donations in any amount


Very nice job!!! Just a suggestion: You could put an option to send a message for a group of users… You know that in OnSignal we can create groups for determined users… it could be a good option. What do you think?


actually the components for this have been made by @Jerin_Jacob here.


Ah ok!, Thank you!!!


Hola, te acabo de enviar un donativo de 5, envíame a este correo la extensión gracias.


@Sebastian_Segovia what about sending a PM to the developer?
also posting an email address in a public forum is probably not a good idea, is it?
do you want to reeive loads of spam messages in your account?



Sí Taifun toda la razón.

CustomChatBox v.1