OneSignal warning


Using Onesignal in an app, I get a warning: "Location permission exists but GoogleApiClient timedout. Maybe related to mismatch google-play aar versions."
It seems to be a bug, already discovered and there seems to be a solution to it. OneSignal warning.


Let us check into it. I think we were told that one of API needs to be updated to a higher version. We’ll check into it. How often you get this error?


Every time I start the app I get this message after a short while. Tested it on two different (Samsung) devices, phone and tablet. For sure it is OneSignal that produces the warning. The typo google-play aar is typical but usefull to find out is it OneSignal.


@Appsbeheerder Please rebuild your app again and check if you still encounter the issue.


Till now, problem does not occur anymore, after rebuilding the app today.


Thanks for letting us know that issue is resolved


I reported this error before but we thought, it was map component’s error. I will check my project again.