OneSignal Error when Notif Clicked


Hi, when i try to click the notification on my phone, the app show this error, any ideas?


Is this happening when using companion or .apk?
Also what device and what API level?


Hi, @Nickon. I use .apk installed on Redmi Note 3 Pro, i dont quite understand about Api level but its OS is Marshmallow 6.0.1


how are you sending the push notification?


@Lml_DLGdo, i use the notif using OneSignal dashboard.


I experience it too when i have poor internet service. @Ronin Check your internet service. May be due to communication failure since the server needs to connect with your device. Whatever, it’s an undesirable error. Better if notification does not deliver at all when error occurs.



True. Better no error, lol. But when i click the notif, my click was instantly detected by the dashboard. Does that mean the connection is okay?

I will try to troubleshoot first. For this trial, i use no extension and no coding blocks, the only element i use is OneSignal.


I have tried various test but the problem persist.
I dont know why it doesn’t work for me. I think i’ll put this element for now and keep using Firebase push notif. Thanks everyone…


Do you have a .apk? Do you want to post it to GDrive so that we can download and test?


Sure, i have share my apk with you via google drive, @Hossein. Thank you,


thats weird if you make a new app with onesignal component what happens?


@Ronin I installed your apk and started with no problem. Send a posh notification


Sure, @Hossein, i have sent the notification. Maybe need a moment. Thank you.


@Ronin received your push notification:


Great… Do you receive any error? Or i wonder if it is just me…


No errors. Tapping on notification, opened the app


Then maybe it is just me, i wonder what is the problem. Anyway, thanks for your effort @Hossein. I really appreciate it.