On load error when trying to open my project


I have made a project by working 1 month.today I was going to release my app.but when I open my project, it shows me an internal error.I need my project urgently.


it happens because you are using appybuilder on mobile use it on pc and a supported browser like opera,.safari


no…I tried all of my device…mobile laptop pc…same problems happens.I think its not my device or browser problem :slight_smile:



Try another browser and see what happens.


i m saying this because it happened with me many times or it happens if you mistakenly blocked appybuilder site from ur browser. try firefox or opera i m currently using opera its works good.


I tried on microsoft edge,chrome,firefox,opera.every time I got same problem.I also include that all other project is working fine.but only one project is not opening.but I need this project.
I found an another topic that has the same problem and @Hossein took his project name and after a minute the problem was solved by reloading his project


When was the last time that you opened it successfully? What adoptions/updates have you done since last update?


thanks for response.I opened my project yesterday and that time it was working fine.


I need my project urgent…can you please help me?


Please pesticide answer for above


I just made new screen and complete design and block yesterday .at that time I found no error on live testing. even I built my test app and it is running well. but today I found this internal error


All others project are opening nicely. but only this project I get this error.Also I want to add that I took a button where I set that if button click open another screen with screen name…I wrote e screen name that was not made…now help me to getting back my project :frowning:


upload your latest aia file form your backup and restart from there
see also tip 6