Offline works with aia



Hello dear devs!

2 days ago i reinstalled the windows on my pc. I saved my offline folder and i have all of my works before.
I can open all of my aia expect what i really need… when i want to open it always i get an error msg “Could not load in. Please try again later” there is something chance i can work with it again?

Have a nice day


the probably better strategy would have been to export your projects…
see also



Thanks for the answer. Yea i know its my fault and i’ll learn from my mistake. But i still hope there is something way to get it back. As i said all of my aia files still works great expect only one what i really need it. :smirk: I exported my all aia to my computer and all files ends with aia expect the one i need thats called “Key.Store” maybe this can be the problem.