[offline] Web component


Thank you. Please notify us after solveing. (Problem : error number 1103 or 1101 in web component after build apk) its works well in live test but Don’t work properly after building . )


this morning I tried to load api 26 apk in the play store - it was not possible ---- only api 28 - news update su web1 component whith api 28- for me is urgent


@scinkino can you share a demo.aia that doesn’t work for you as apk



web1.aia (2.2 KB)

whit api 26 work ------ whith api 28 not work


is a problem of local version


with live testing app work - after buildiing not work


Try with https instead for http


Web server is not working in offline version

Thanks its work for me


it works, thank you so much :disappointed_relieved:


I also experienced the same thing.
I tried to replace the http url to https url. does not work.
My hosting does not have SSL. so I have to use http.
Can you provide another solution?


I have to download java in mobile also to download apk from the QR code built from the offlile version as as I scan it , says local host refuse to connect ??


the address not is localhost:8888 - use ip lan example


I do not understand I just copied the QR link and paste in my browser but this is displayed


use your internal ip 192.168.1… :8888


How to get my internet IP


https://www.whatismyip.com/ copy local ip


@yash_mangal Please next time don’t Hi-jacking other peoples topics with irrelevant requests and had you followed/reading from here you would have received your answer to your question…



@Saloom_rd unfortunately I don’t have it, we have to wait for the solution



Hello, I also encountered the same problem, is it to change http://192.168.X.X(ip address):8888 to https://192.168.X.X(ip address):8888? However, the web page could not be found using the https.


The https change must be on your hosting server and in appybuilder (both).