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I installed the new appybuilder personal version api 28 … everything is fine except web1.gotext gives me error 1101 unable to get a response … url … if I use live test with appybuilder companion it works, if build apk no … can you tell me something?

AppyBuilder Offline

I got same problem. Web component don’t work properly in appybuilder offline


for reasons of time I had to publish an update with api 26 in the play store … all ok … I don’t know if apk goes well with android 10

build whit appybuilder personal


@Hossein I got the same problem. Web component doesn’t work properly in appybuilder offline


@Ani, I was informed that if you set the Form property targetSDK to 26, then it will.
Has anyone experienced with MIT AI to see if it works there?


I installed aia with web component on mit app inventor … does it work … but does mit have api level at 28?


Yes, MIT is set to target 28. Okay, we need to check into web component issue with target 28


ok we understood what to work on


if you notify us as soon as we are ready, we will update with tortoiseGit — Pull … THANKS


Thank you. Please notify us after solveing. (Problem : error number 1103 or 1101 in web component after build apk) its works well in live test but Don’t work properly after building . )


this morning I tried to load api 26 apk in the play store - it was not possible ---- only api 28 - news update su web1 component whith api 28- for me is urgent


@scinkino can you share a demo.aia that doesn’t work for you as apk



web1.aia (2.2 KB)

whit api 26 work ------ whith api 28 not work


is a problem of local version


with live testing app work - after buildiing not work


Try with https instead for http


Web server is not working in offline version

Thanks its work for me


it works, thank you so much :disappointed_relieved:


I also experienced the same thing.
I tried to replace the http url to https url. does not work.
My hosting does not have SSL. so I have to use http.
Can you provide another solution?


I have to download java in mobile also to download apk from the QR code built from the offlile version as as I scan it , says local host refuse to connect ??