Offline version - How to make it work in Windows 10



From the picture it looks ok , please restart your pc and run WinStartFrontend.bat as administrator and tell me if it still crashes


It still crashes after the restart as administrator


Sorry that I can not help you more , it looks like java 8 jdk is setup properly but for some reason you can not start the server. Try to download again the offline version from GitHub and unzip it to a directory with no special characters for example /temp, run WinStartFrontend.bat and see what happens.

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Show us how is your WinStartBuildServer.cmd and WinStartFrontend.bat.


This is what I have in my settings and what i know of depending on the country you also need to have backslash at the end


Btw, that java folder doesn’t exist



Hola como están

Por favor me ayudan. He realizado todos los pasos para tener el appy builder en mi computador y no he sido posible

Lo ultimo que hice fue abrir el navegador y colocar http: // localhost: 8888 para que luego me de la opcion de ejecutar appy builder y no me dio

Yo ya tengo instalado el appybuilder personal zip en mi equipo, tambien tengo intalado el java

Tambien descarque otro navegador que se llama Xampp y no he sido capaz

Por favor alquien me puede ayudar



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Is Java 8 JDK configured ok, did you run WinStartFrontend.bat and the server is running ?

For more informations on how to run offline version in windows 10 see here

Also this post has nothing to do with code editor , it is about the offline version :blush:


I moved it here. Hopefully the right place. :grin:


No es necesario ningún navegador especial, solo sigue los pasos tal cual, descarga los archivos, descomprimir, instala y configura Java … Recuerda que debe ser JDK


not download final apk


@Andres_Cotes check your local build server log. Is your server local or remote?


for how local but front end i upload, this work ok with companion



@Andres_Cotes Please check your server’s log for any warning messages


Everything is working in offline version but the issue is… building apk failed…

Build failed! connect error: Connection refused: connect


Probably you run only frontend server (WinStartFrontend.bat) start also Build server (WinStartBuildServer.cmd) . Without build server running you can not compile .apk


If you have config the correct path, it may be because error: Could not reserve enough space for object heap.
Go to StartControl PanelSystemAdvanced system settingsadvanced(tab)Environment VariablesSystem VariablesNew :

Variable name: _JAVA_OPTIONS
Variable value: -Xmx512M


I’ve done all this and still get the error: Build failed! connect error: Connection refused: connect


Window 10 Java 8 JDK Latest installed
Path same as shown here
added ending
added Variable name: _JAVA_OPTIONS
Variable value: -Xmx512M
Restarted PC
Build failed! connect error: Connection refused: connect


i tried all the above steps and its showing this to me :


Help needed.