Odd behaviour of the block component


I’m experience something strange and it’s not the first time it’s happen, even if not with this proportion.
I was debugging an app on the companion when suddenly I received an error (a very long, incomprehensible error… something to do with a missing property I think) and one by one on all the blocks of the editor started to appear the comment box, as I clicked on “add comment” on every and each one of them.
The final result:

It was a very odd thing, like my pc got possessed and started commenting randomly…

Comments are added to blocks suring live testing!

Did these blocks already have comments? It doesn’t seem to have affected every block. What happens when you resize the comment “window” itself? All the comment boxes seem to be the same size and it looks as though the comments are “hidden”.


@Gabryk that is very strange. If it happens again, can you screenshot the error that you mentioned?

I’ll try to see if i can find an log messages on this


Yeah I might have exagerated that part, not “every” block, but a lot, and I had the feeling it stopped because the companion app crashed and so the network comunication was lost.

That’s the normal behaviour on my side, when I willingly click on the “do it” function the comment box appear like that and I need to resize it to see its content.


@Gabryk i believe we have a fix for comments not showing.
Also MIT is aware of this chrome bug