Obfucasted id ads admob



dear all,

how can we obfucasted id ads admob ??
why iam ask this case ?? because my app on playstore that was decompile by someone else users. i just want to hide my id ads.
Maybe anyone can help me to solve this case ?


OK , @Peter noted, i dont know.
please help me to solve that case, thankyou peter


You cant.

The adUnitID is not available to set other then in the designer window.


yes i know that adunit id cant be set on string.
maybe you can help, how can i hide my id ads admob ??


You cant with the blocks. There is nothing you can do about that. Are you saying someone decompiled your app to get your ID from an AppyBuilder app?

And why is that a problem?


sometimes i have inform/notif to my gmail (account admob) mention that my id ads used from another packagename ( not mine ). i receive inform disable ads from that packagename which iam not create that packagename.

maybe sometime user want to test they app before they upload on playstore, but not using id test admob from google, but id ads real from another (that maybe happen and very logic)


Sure, it is possible. Before you publish your app again, get a new ID. Dont publish your app on dodgy.sites.

There are a few things you can do like check to see if the app ids installed from Playstore, etc.

Here is my extension that does that. HackProtectv2.aix (8.9 KB)


awesome thankyou @Cian_O_Sullivan , i will try this now…wait…


hi @Cian_O_Sullivan ,

if check output of this (see pict), that result is FALSE. iam using NOX emulator to test, it should be TRUE. correct me if iam wrong, many thanks




Ok I just checked my code, and yes it is a bug. Thanks for pointing it out.


ok mate, iam waiting the modification. many thanks


dont ask in each forum about this


If this is a serious issue to you and not just something you fear out of nothing, then you can make your own encoding/decoding procedure if you need to.

Like for example:
if i want to encode the word “application”, make a procedure that adds a random character from a to z in between each character of the word to encode:

Now you have something like agpvpolwifctaxtnimoqnp. (note that the word “application” is still there :wink:)

You can use something as simple as that, or make it as complex as you want, even combine 2 or 3 simple procedures like converting every character to its hex value and adding 2 random characters, then the next will be one, then the next will be two, etc, etc. to make it very complicated. Then to decode it, you create a procedure that reverts all the changes you did to the word, to obtain the original string again.

This is not a professional or math based encoding so an avid hacker might be able to figure the encoding relatively easy by trying some things. But I highly doubt you might be the target of an expert hacker or group of hackers and whoever wanted to get your information will not even bother to waste time trying to find out how you encoded the original ID.

And of course, you will not go into a forum and share your procedure or method of encoding, because that will be kind of stupid, if I’m allowed the word. :smile:

It sounds more complicated than it is, really.


Security through Obscurity. :+1:


Yes , this is seriously issued which never solve on every forum like this (thubkable, kodular, etc).
But i have idea for my case / issued (not showing id ads admob or another id ads).
You can check this below pict.

Maybe for an additional help for **_developer/admin/engineer appybuilder_** is setting id ads on mode design, it should be OBFUCASTED. that is to avoid from decompiler to get our id ads.

Note :

  • today i receive again “disable ads” which iam not create that packagename. it means my id ads admob stolen by someone to try test they app for showing real id ads & make sure if they app is truth running with ads.