Novice/Beginner Programming Concepts


Hey there Community!

I know I’ve been gone for a long time because of some personal issues - but you guys were always in my :heart:! Although AppyBuilder doesn’t require you to learn how to code, learning the basics of programming will help set your app apart from other MIT AI2 Developers, and will help you master AppyBuilder.

In the past, I’ve gotten a lot of comments on my videos on how to make really really small changes. When I explained how to implement these changes, the response was always “that’s too hard/I don’t know what that means/etc” - and it dawned on me that a lot of users don’t know how to use AppyBuilder’s built-in blocks. That’s ok you guys! Everyone starts somewhere! There was a time when even I didn’t know what HTML was! (Can you believe it!)

As a result, I’ve decided to create this Beginner Programming Concepts Video Series to help you guys out. NOTE: that I’ve also created a section on my website with additional notes from each video. If I leave something out or want to add extra information, I will be able to do that on my website. You can use either the website or the youtube video to help you understand the concepts.

Learning a new skill is not easy. You won’t master programming in a week. I don’t expect you to watch each video and automatically understand everything I’ve talked about. The more apps you create, the more the concepts will start to make sense. One day you’ll go from Grasshopper to Zen Master!

PIXIIBOMB.COM is still Under Construction, but you can check out the Notes from each video here:



Data Types


Conditions (If/Else)


Multidimensional Lists (Estimated Date: March 10)
More Loops
Any Components


Hi @PixiiBomb. Great to have you back with these great tutorials. And what a great website you made. :+1:


Hello PixiiBomb,
It’s nice that you’re here again! I hope everything is fine again in your personal issues !


Hi @PixiiBomb,

Nice to see you here again. And Congrats for the new videos to the beginners. Your tutorials are always a great help for everybody!!


@PixiiBomb witaj
Ja pierwszoklasista a nawet przedszkolak w AB bardzo ale to bardzo dziękuję za tak wspaniałe poradniki. Pozdrawiam cię serdecznie i życzę ci dużo sukcesów a przede wszystkim spokoju i powodzenia w życiu osobistym.

@PixiiBomb :sunflower: welcome :hugs:
I’m a first grader and even :school_satchel: a kindergarten teacher​:school: in AB​:sunglasses:, but thank you so much for such great guides​:books:. I greet you warmly and I wish you a lot of success and, above all, peace and good luck :slight_smile::grinning::grin::smile::blush: in your personal life​:rainbow:.


Pixi, thanks v much for the videos. Sorry to hear about your personal issues. Hope u got them resoloved. Have u posted them to your YTube acct as well? Best, Cal_Tiger


thank you :slight_smile: and yes, these are posted on my youtube channel as well
I haven’t been able to work on them this week, but the next one should hopefully be up by the 15th , and then my goal is to get each video done every 2 days after that. I will try to get them done sooner if I can :slight_smile:


Just updating this to let everyone know that I have to push back the estimated dates a week or so :\ Had a few RL things to take care of, but I hope everyone is enjoying the series :smiley: