Notify_v3 Extension [Free]


sorry, in my app, when i click on the notification, the “notifier” restart the app not just move it in foreground and it stop the music and reset all.


Which builder are you useing?


i use app inventor, i have try your aia file too but it’s the same :frowning:


If you exit the app and relaunch it does it act the same or does it work as you wished?


it’s the same, if you want i can send you an apk of your application n you can try it… i have set your button yellow when i click it but when i click on the notify the app restart resetting all…


Your extension is good, but I think it’s affected by a flaw. Marco_M is right: it’s a conceptual mistake to restart the app when the notification is touched. It’s much more suitable to bring back to forefront the app instance that is already running, as a notification refers to that specific app instance. If you restart the app from scratch, you lose and clear some info or status related to the running app and the notification is trying to inform you about. This way is wrong and the extension is so a bit useless. Please, fix your extension and restore from background the running app when the notification is tapped. Thank you.


I’ll see what I can do


Thank you, Ken. Your intervention in this sense will be very appreciated. I am using your extension and it works fine, but this issue prevents me to restore my app already running and to show its current status. Actually, if the app is already open, the extension should bring it to the foreground; if the app is closed, it should relaunch it. Thank you again for your availability and for your commitment.