Notify_v3 Extension [Free]


Can you make the notification be bigger/or one that can be extended, because if i put a large text at message it is not fully displayed. Thanks.


If you would like to sponsor a new feature please PM me.


it is working in if app closing?


With this extension the notifications can’t be created after the app is closed.


Is it possible to achieve that at the moment of pressing in the notification it takes me to a specific screen?

Notify Extension [Free]

Hi ken your notification works, but there should be sound mute block so that it can be used as player notifier. i am ready to sponsor whatever is possible with me


Do you mean like this?


exactly i was trying for this for my player


v3 is here!

v3 Improvements:
Added - autoCancel (API22+)
Added - startValue (Allows you to utilize the “get start value” Block)
Added - MoveTaskToBackground (Minimizes the app)

Thank you @BukanoR for sponsoring the new v3 features!


@Ken very nice update !!!

Please you can add to enable / disable notification sound ?

My idea is use this extension to app runinng in Background (like radio station, sound player, etc). With this extension is easier call (to open) the app that runs in the background.


I created this extension for that exact purpose:


hola @Ken apenas me dio tiempo de revisar la nueva actualización!

solo como consejo, espero no equivocarme.

al agregar la nueva versión v3 a appybuilder me la detecto como otra extensión mas, pero no como una actualización, creo que se debe a los nombres que le haz asignado Notify_v2 y Notify_v3.

Creo que deberia llevar el mismo nombre para que appybuilder la detecte como actualizacion, aun que aveces es confuso.

Gracias por compartirla! Saludos.


I decided this was the best way to name it, instead of “v2 Version 2”
I shouldn’t have named it v2 and now I’m kinda stuck.


Entiendo que es mejor agregar el numero de version al final del nombre, asi no habra confusion, el problema esta en que al agregar Notify_v3 habra que sustituir todos los bloques de Notify_v2 por los bloques Notify_v3 manualmente, espero no confundirte con esto.


I understand, but with the block change from v2 to v3 the block will need to be added manually anyway.


Love You !
Love it !
Thank you very much


tebrik ederim çok güzel uygulama. bir önerim olacak. bildirim sesi eklemeniz mümkün müdür?


Not at this time, but I’m looking into it now.


Salve, volevo sapere se creo una applicazione e inserisco questa estensione notify e la metto online quando scrivo le notifiche arrivano a tutti quelli che si sono scaricati la mia applicazione?


Sorry that is not possible with this extension.