Notify_v3 Extension [Free]


This is normal behavior because I am not using AutoCancel.

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Is it now possible to be notified when the application is closed?


Please clarify your question, I’m not sure what you’re looking to do.


I want to notify a user that is is time to input his data. I want to remind him to imput his data in the app weekly or monthly. But want I want to receive that notification even if the app is not running.
Taifun has created an alert, but back in that time it was not able to use it with the application closed.


This extension works similar to Taifuns.


You would need this extension for that type of functionality:

However currently it doesn’t create the notification on API26+ Android OS 8.0+
I know Tiziano is working on fixing this.


Hay una actualización disponible en thunkable que ya trabaja en Android 8+


What does this has to do with this topic? It’s not clear to me.


I think I saw that Tiziano published an update of his extension in thunkable, which seems to work on Android 8+. it’s just that.


It was in response to my post with @Tiziano1960 notification extension.


Awesome… !!! i love it


Hola, soy de Buenos Aires Argentina.
Soy novato en AppyBuilder y estoy aprendiendo mucho con las extansiones que comparten aqui!!!

Esta extension “Notify_V2” no funciona cuando la aplicacion esta cerrada y la extension de “tiziano” no funciona con Android 8.0
Saben de alguna extension que funcione con Android 8.0 (API 26) y cuando la aplicacion esta cerrada?

Saludos cordiales


Check out OneSignal Component


Hola Ken gracias por la pronta respuesta
OneSignal funciona muy bien pero funciona con los servidores de OneSignal

Yo quiero, con mi app, evaluar datos en Firebase y dependiendo de esos datos disparar una notificacion y que funcione si la aplicacion esta cerrada y con Android 8.0


Can you make the notification be bigger/or one that can be extended, because if i put a large text at message it is not fully displayed. Thanks.


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it is working in if app closing?


With this extension the notifications can’t be created after the app is closed.


Is it possible to achieve that at the moment of pressing in the notification it takes me to a specific screen?

Notify Extension [Free]

Hi ken your notification works, but there should be sound mute block so that it can be used as player notifier. i am ready to sponsor whatever is possible with me