Notify_v3 Extension [Free]


Today @Andres_Cotes and I offer an Updated Version of the “Notify Extension [Free]

Thank you @Andres_Cotes for allowing me to update this Extension!

Thank you to my Beta Testers @Gabriel_Egea & @Peter!
Thank you @BukanoR for sponsoring the new v3 features!

v2 Bug Fixes:
It’s now compatible with Android OS 4.1[JellyBean] - API 16 through Android OS 9[Pie] - API 28

v2 Improvements:
Added - Ability to use your apps Icon for the Notification(Use “android.R.drawable.ic_launcher”)
Caution: It is highly recommended to use an app Icon of 256x256 or smaller. App may crash otherwise! Note: This feature works on most devices but does not work on all devices.
Added - Large Icon
Added - showWhen(Time stamp next to app name) True/False
Added - Clicking on notification will open the app
Added - When screen is off the LED Indicator will blink to notify the user that a new Notification is available

v3 Improvements:
Added - autoCancel (API22+)
Added - startValue (Allows you to utilize the “get start value” Block)
Added - MoveTaskToBackground (Minimizes the app)

All Blocks:



.aix & .aia(s):
com.kennicholsandroid.Notify_v3.aix (27.3 KB)
Notify_v3.aia (30.2 KB)
Notify_v3_ListView.aia (30.5 KB)

Notify Extension [Free]
Notification to status bar not working v 8.0.0
Alerta o notificación
New improved Notification Extension

Great work @Ken :+1::+1::+1::+1:


if i click noticiation, can i open another screen?

and can i use firebase to send a notification in other devices?


if i click noticiation, can i open another screen? Currently if app is running it will display the screen that was last displayed and if app isn’t running it will launch it as if the user clicked the icon to launch it.
That being said a custom version can be created for a fee, PM Me if interested in this option.

and can i use firebase to send a notification in other devices? No, this extension is for Local Notifications only.


Very good job, @Ken!!!


Ken, thank you very much for this contribution, it works excellent !!


excelente aporte chicos!


i think color of notification is not active on huawei devices ?


Thanks for pointing this out!
I forgot to mention .setColor was introduced at API21 - Android OS 5.0 Lollipop.
So colors won’t show if OS is older than that.
On previous version this would cause your app to crash. With this version, it will show the default color.


Thanks so much @Ken for this extension.

I test this in AI2, but show screen title name when the apk is build, not show in companion. You can fix this ?


Android notifications show the name of the app you are using next to smallicon.
The Companions are essentially simulating your app so the companions app name will always display when using a companion.


Thanks @Ken for your answer…

I am sorry about my wrong english.
Screen Screen2

it does not happen in appybuilder, happen in app inventor 2.
May be understand me now.


This only happens when you use the extension?


Yes… if i delete the extension this not happen


Interesting, I will look into it.


I am not experiencing that issue.


Thanks so much for your time.
it happens to me on all the screens, not only where I use the extension.

I’m check your povider aia and have the same problem.
Android version 5.1
Build apk in app inventor

Same aia build with appy builder


Good day! I had a problem when I tried it, when clicking on the notification it opens the application, but the notification does not disappear, it stays there, is this behavior normal?

Now that I read again, I realize that you have to click on the icon.
But I think it would be tedious to tell the user to click on the icon, when we are used to clicking on the whole element to open the notification and it disappears.


This is normal behavior because I am not using AutoCancel.

I you’re interested in sponsoring this or other features please PM me.


Is it now possible to be notified when the application is closed?