Notifier with 3 Custom Buttons



how to make a notifier with 3 custom buttons?
is it even possible?



You can use the extension

Build a Arrangement with your buttons and use this extension to show it.



thanks, but where I can download that extension?


Please PM the developer.



he doesn’t seem to be active as he last Capture


can you send that extension to me if you have? please…


It is not allowed!
It would be a violation of the terms and conditions.
Send a PM to the developer.

He will contact you.
Alternatively, you can also search for free extensions.


@MrSid don’t ask members to send you extensions that developer is charging for. As @TF101 mentioned, this IS NOT allowed and not violates extension-developers Terms of Service


Okay, got it…

I didn’t see anywhere that the extension is paid that’s why I asked…