Notifier updated / new features


Hello hAppy Builders,

We just made a release HERE that, among other updates, includes updated Notifier material-design-style dialog and alerts.


Vote Notifier Classic Look
Emerging message

Thanks for the update.

HTML message in the notifier doesn’t work in this release. Can you please fix it?
It would be great if we can customize the notifier color (background, buttons, text).

After Update Notifier not longer working
Vote Notifier Classic Look

Please let me choose the old look for notifier. I don’t like the look and colors of the new notifier.

When you add new features, please keep the old classic one.


@Bruger we can add feature to change color


I haven’t found a types legend in the wiki, and I was tired to search for the correct Alert type every time, so I made it:


Hope this can help somebody


@Gabryk Thanks. Your image was added to:


how you change the color of the button on Notifuer Choose text dialog


@go6otel At this time, that feature isn’t implemented.


I am searching may for an hour before asking :slight_smile: when see images in first post
Ok i will be waiting :slight_smile: Thanks


@go6otel See thread below on Notifier look & feel:

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