Notifier Not Working


Hi, today i tried to use notifier but it seems that there are some problems with it

  • Notifier ShowTextDialog is working but
  • Notifier LogInfo, Logwarning, LogError are not working. I havent try to build but it doesnt work in companion app.

Thank you.


Ronin, What do you expect to happen when using these blocks? These blocks are to for debugging purpose and to write information to adb-logs. Did you check adb-logs?

LogError: logs an error message to the Android log.
LogInfo: logs an info message to the Android log.
LogWarning: logs a warning message to the Android log.


You are right, @Hossein… What i want to do is ShowAlert, silly me…


Notifier showmessagedialog give me big problems on new version. Previous work like a charm.

I have a very long text used as Help for my app.
Before, it was possible to scroll down to read entire text. Now the screen e is full of text but not the entire document, because scroll dont work and my phone seems to freeze too! it not respond to android back button.
Another thing, i formatted previous text with nice html tags, to bold, italic etc. This too works in previous notifier version. Now html code appears, not his effect. Like <b, <br , etc in clear letters. (i don’t close html code here to not bold text)
I really like to have the notifiers back as original…


@Manny, you need to vote and comment to explain your case here
Vote Notifier Classic Look


thanks ronin, voted and commented…