Notice when my application is closed



Hello! Can you please tell me how to get me notified when my application is closed?

For example - I go to the application at 12.00 and close it, after that a notification, a reminder at 6 pm, should come to me to go there again.

Is there a way to realize this?
Thank you very much for help and sorry for my English


This isn’t exactly what you’re asking for but may work for you:


Yes, thank you, I saw this example, and it’s very good, but it does not work properly for me. Notifications do not always come, and if they do, then only when the screen is turned on.They do not illuminate the screen when they come. They are without sound, although I included the sound in true.
I do not understand why this does not work, maybe there is a problem in the smartphone (redmi note 4x)


Sound works for me on my Samsung S8 but only if the phones notifications volume is turned on.


Of course)) I switched everything on to the maximum)) but still no sound


notif.aia (119.1 KB)

Here is a primitive example. I enter the hours, then enter the minutes, press button 1. I leave the application and wait for notification. When the time comes, the screen lights up and that’s it! there is no sound, there is no icon at the top.


I’ll try your .aia later.
Heading out now.


Your .aia works for me.

I get notification sound, even after completely exiting application and turning off the screen.


Thanks for the help! Apparently, these notifications are not supported on all smartphones. On my first smartphone(redmi note 4x) there is no sound signal, and there is no shortcut in the status bar. On the second smartphone(meizu m5s), notifications do not appear at all ((