Notes Dictation


Here it is the new app with the changes suggested.

Donwload now from Play Store => Click here


Good job! It looks more professional now! Don’t forget to add the SHARE component, so users can send their text by email, Whatsapp, text message, etc.


I deleted the share option because they can do it with the clipboard.
Text messages are not allowed by play store.
I made it more easy to use it in this way.


Don’t open a new topic for every new version of one of your apps. Just use the old one and edit your first post. Else it will get messy here.


Ok, I’m sorry, that’s true, that’s a new version of Dicta Notas, but I made a new app with different languages in this one.
I didn’t know it, sorry Sir.


And it’s not completely free if you got ads… It’s free with ads.


if it has no costs to the customers is free, isn’t it ?
they don’t need to pay to use it, that’s what I mean.