Not Always Firebase


I think a lot of members here have tried to use Firebase realtime database. This service is awesome, fast and has free tier.
Some apps can and will work nicely with Firebase (I love FirebaseDB component), but certainly not all apps are suitable to be paired with Firebase db.

I saw that sometimes some members here asking methods about how to do this or that with Firebase. Often the problems can be solved pretty easy with classic DBMS like MySQL. Sure sometimes you can force your way in hacky way with Firebase but it can come back with greater headache in later time.

What i propose to members that read this thread is please consider that Firebase database is not a potent medicine for all kind of apps…

This article here is a good read about this topic.


That’s right. In my case, I preferred MySQL or MariaDB, which is free.


But, how can i use features like offline recording and sync? These features is present in Mysql? There is a way to work offline and record in a local database and make a sync when you have internet access?


Yes!!! In my app, I use SQLite as the local database, which receives data from my remote MySQL and vice-versa.


Can we store and retrieve images using mysql? If so, how?


Kleyber, what a good news! How do you make the sync between that 2 databases (SQLite and MySQL)? Can you share with us?


I’m using SQLite extension from Carlos Pedroza, which was incorporated into AppyBuilder, so you don’t need to import this extension. Besides, I’ve been used PHP to create an API to execute all SELECTs, INSERTs, UPDATEs and DELETEs in the MySQL database, and if I need infor from MySQL database, they come in JSON to my app.


usually you store images somewhere in the internet, for example on your web server and store only the link to your image in the MySQL database


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