No Blocks for Setting Sizing on Screen1


No Blocks for Setting Sizing to “Responsive” or to "Fixed on Screen1

You can Only change this in the designer not with Blocks.
Please add this!

I dont know if this is a bug or just a missing feature, so posted it here.


This is done by design. Why is there a need to change this programmatically??


I do not think that’s even possible to have more than one design at runtime…



So this is the reason, its needed because on some devices (smaller DPI screen or old android )having the sizing set to Fixed - Example: when using the WebView its cut off ,

and its set to- height and width - fill parent.
But on bigger screen size and higher android version its fine NOT cut off!

When use the responsive its good and not cut off

So this is good.

But on bigger screen - example 5.5 or 5.7 - everything looks small-(when responsive is set!)
So if I could set this in blocks When Screen starts - I would do a check with “if” to detect the screen dpi and if its lower than 5 then set the “responsive” else set to fixed, or something like that.

Sorry for my bad english…