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Hey guys ,
i have developed an app using appybuilder. Thanks to the appybuilder team and extension developers :slight_smile:

The app is based on API . Please RATE the app if you guys like it . it would be helpful. :slight_smile:
Here is the link to download the app :

Here are some screenshots of the app :slight_smile:


you might want to provide a short description of your app and a few screenshots…
also it would be nice to have a list of extensions you used…
it’s always a good idea to give credit, see also
so which extensions did you use?
thank you


This is RSS feed app?


no it uses API method to get NEWS and its an extension based app


can you share the aia of this app


what about providing a list of extensions you are using?
I haven’t see you giving credit to the extension developer, I only see a general “thank you” in your first post…
remember: sharing a paid extension with someone else would violate some terms and conditions …
thank you for respecting the rules…




Please tell what extension that you are using? Taifun is right in his argument.