Newbie: Installing an Extension


I know this is a really dumb question but I have spent more than an hour searching for it: how do I install an extension? (I have found tons of stuff about them, all that they can do, etc., but none of the rabbit holes I found answers the Step 1Question: “Now that I have downloaded an extension (.aix file), how do I get it into AppyBuilder?”)



Maybe you search in the wrong place?

Read documentation here :


Form left side in the designer click on extension then Import extension.


OK, thanks, I can see it now in App Inventor - I did not look there. I was doing all my searching including the phrase AppyBuilder (because I’m using AppyBuilder and the discussions here are all under AppyBuilder), hence that page never came up.

But now I am even more confused. This discussion is in the AppyBuilder pages, but AppyBuilder does not appear to have that “Extension” item in the menu, and you guys have re-directed me to the normal App Inventor, and the AppyBuilder logo on this page is not the same AppyBuilder logo on the AppyBuilder site I am using. Are there two “AppyBuilder” products/systems, both related to /extended from MIT App Inventor?


There are more than one server for appybuilder.
The main one is:


Of course AppyBuilder has extension menu.

Follow @Hassan advice, open, login and see the bottom menu in the left


Users are transferring from silver to, which has the extensions. Also we’ll include extension help section in


Aaahhhhh, wow a whole new world opens up. (I thought the gold was for people who had paid some sort of extra subscription, and I was using the silver). Thanks for that. :slight_smile:


@Hossein Yes, but users who use are not transferring to :grin:


It used to be exclusive for paid users but Hossein make it free for us. You can pay too to help the operation if you can.


OK, thanks very much to all who replied and help clear up two problems at once :slight_smile: