New Released, Just Would like to say thanks


Actualy I already made the app longtime ago(Older Version) before I join this forum even I cant make an extension, now I learn very much from this community.

now all looks better, This is business Mobile Banking from Mikro Banking in my country, the function just to see customer balance, You can look the preview maybe Inspiring you all who learn to blockings.

I would say thanks to all member, developer, this community
especialy thanks to :

Really sorry if I missing someone who deserve to thanked
Thank You Thank You very much


@Kus_Zab glad you find this community and AppyBuilder and extensions useful for building your apps.


@Kus_Zab, just a question: Have you made your app using AppyBuilder and Thunkable?


Wow, great app @Kus_Zab… Congratulations…

How do you create the spinning keyboard?

I saw the session expired few times, how do you check that?

Thank you…


Why u always bother about compiler, Id learn so much from forum, before trying just try it , its mean work for any compiler


Thanks mr hossein, very helpfully


Spinning keyboard? About expired login, i made my own ext with alertdialog ext, and make it with timer checker


Yes, how do you create the rotating number pad (keyboard).

About the expired login, do you check your session online using timer or is it offline timer only?


Its just offline, if eant online just give time tamp, ir state on firebase


There’s no reason to worry about. I just asked this because on other forum you’ve post that those platform has given you everything, like you said here. So I was just curious about which platform your app was made.
Besides you have done a very good job! Congrats!


The points is I would say thanks, no matter platform. I thinks that irrelevant question, without forum i never learned, even this topic. Thats why forum provide everything including you on it


Ok, thank you @Kus_Zab… and please dont use Announcements category for this kind of post. It would give many people wrong expectation. Announcements is used for the team’s important information for the community.


I think it would be better to use Show Off or Discuss category next time…




I have changed the category


Sorry Before post I read the category, maybe I 'd wrong meaning of english