New Release not working


I just want to tell you that my problem is solved. A big thank you to the Appybuilder staff and the moderators for the help!



Not importn the uses of my app or apps, I have in 5 languages (spanish, english, italian, french, portuguese) the importn is that was working perfect with old gold appybuilder version, never we have a problems, every time the generate .apk, work perfect, the .apk is 6 Mg only.

the problems is that with new release dont work, many problrems with this update since yesterday morning, the appybuilder staff dont avise us for new release for make backup copy and
this is the reason of this post.
please dont changue the post way and be positive for will solved or help to appybuilder staff for solved this release problems, see in this forum and not only our app many user have problems.


@Jose_Navarro PM me one of your aia that is not working so that I can test on my local updates


My problem is solved to.


We are in process of performing some more tests and will then publish the updates. Your patience is appreciated


It’s really hard to understand what you are writing there but I’m going to go with what I think you meant. My suggestion was to optimize your app, aside from the topic of this thread, mainly because it is more than obvious that an app with 8000 blocks needs optimization. I can almost bet whatever amount of money you want that 8000 blocks is totally unnecessary and my experience demonstrated MANY times that people who goes block-happy throwing thousands of them without taking care of optimization, they end up here in the forums asking for help when they reach the limits, which is NOT only the size in mb of your app.

But good luck to you and if it works, it works. In my experience EVERYTHING WORKS UNTIL IT DOESN’T ANYMORE. And 99% of the times when something doesn’t work it is because I didn’t make it the right way.


Italo, not necessary to optimize my app, I repit you since new release not working, I worked in bigger app for a long time in gold appy builder with out any problems,
the problems here is the new release since yesterday morning, when update,
that we´re working in help to Houseein in will solved the new release problems.
Thanks for your advice, the same should be taken into account, but my app has worked perfect and everything works perfect until the new update.


I’m not sure about that; your app with over 16,000 blocks is just toooo much. I’ll take a look again later


Excellent. Good luck.


But I’m still curious about your app. Is it published? I would like to try it. I’m always looking for professional apps made in AppyBuilder/App Inventor, etc. Would you share the Play Store link?


Houssein and Italo,
yes, sure you have a reason, but every time works perfect until new release, posible I delete some things, but we need all for perfect working in our app,
why with old version we havent any problems and now we have problems? this is the error of my app or of the new release of gold appy builder,
I have 1 bigger app working in gold appy builder never, I repit never I have same problems, some time some error for compliation, I repit compilation and make .apk perfect and works perfect


Italo, I dont want to share link of our app, it´s a private, not interesting for me share to you or public, , please for get this post and go to another things, because you dont help us, I know this post is for will solved the new release of gold appybuilder, not interesting if our app have 8000 - 16000 block or more,
I repit, why with old gold appybuilder version we havent any erorrs for more than 10 mothn (bigger app) and now with new release have many many error? this is the real problems, not other.
in one day since new release have this error, not possible to make this error in our app in one day with out any changes.
I dont test in app inventor or trunkable, because app inventor havent spacer and its great job for changue all, but I undestand that some other worker of our brand have bigger app in app inventor working with out problems same old gold appy builder.
Here I see that you want to change that does not work the new update of gold appybuilder and change to optimize the app or remove things, when it has always worked all right and I think there is no right to have a change in gold appybuilder and have to change everything , I imagine when it is in production and in the future that this is not so, if not because the designers are going to have many problems.
I think of having responsibility and I think that the users of gold Appybuilder should have the option to or to be notified in an email of the new change and with a certain amount of time to be able to act or have the possibility to use the old versions.
There are always beta versions of collaboration before launching a new version to the market and be able to hurt users, I think this is not serious, but we´re going to see all in positive way and help to staff to will solved the new release problems.


Jose, chill out my friend! I’m not asking you to share the app to optimize it, I just wanted to see it. I’ve never seen an app with 8000 blocks. I just wanted to see what people do with AppyBuilder, but if you don’t want to show it, fine.
And I hope you are one of the users that donate periodically to AppyBuilder. Otherwise, I don’t know how can you demand so many notifications and requests from an excellent free service like this builder.


Oh but that is very interesting. You are working on and over the edge for what is possible with any builder. That it is still working is pure luck. So if your app is important to you you should stop developing and start rethinking your app. There will come a moment that it will no longer work. Not because of AppyBuilder but because your app simple has to many blocks.

The risk is yours.


it was fine few days ago…
app is working fine in live testing but not after install


What is VV2 component?


Screen name …it was V2 ( video 2) but when this screen show error So I try to copy this screen to solve this problem and make new screen that is VV2


Timer issue, make sure that when switching screen - for all of your clocks/timers , set TimerAlwaysFires to false if you have any and TimerEnabled to false


Error "Cannot find the component" (NOW apk WORK good)
Invoke: no method named `GetValue’ in class java.lang.Boolean
Error "java.lang.RuntimeException "

to me I throw this error when receiving a notification created by the extension of @Ken "Notify_v31 and try to get a value through get.start.value when opening the notinificacion I have to open a second screen depending on the value obtained, in my case It was a screen called menu and another called restore.

really this update is bad … it is very slow, I do not know if you have noticed but it is possible for the human eye to load data when making the transition from one screen to another


Thanks for the solutions, it’s solved my problem with clock component.