New Release not working


Peter: here my issues with new release

Error "Cannot find the component" (NOW apk WORK good)

here anothe issue, looking ofr span, componet, Spain not a componet, Spain is a screen


i have same problem Jose


Peter and we have another errors that I´m working in see.


He we are looking into release issues


It is 14:47 CET,
It seems like I can export again. My app works again. I have not tested everything yet



Thanks for reporting :+1:


Did you change package name?



After a few tests, it seems that there is a problem with the clock component.
In my Screen1 and in my Screen2 a clock component controls the display. It seems like “set TimerEnabled to true” does not work correct. Only when I minimize the app and reopen it does the timer start …


EDIT: In the Companion it works well but not after export and install the apk


I dont changue any things, since yesterday morning all was change to bad, Not changues in nothing.
Not possible to continius working in gold appybuilder. many test and all is broken and not working, infor me for continius,
very ver worried, all my works - app was broken, since yesterday morning, not possible to update to our customer in this way.

I am very desperate without having changed anything and doing nothing, I can not dispose of my work


@Jose_Navarro We are taking care of it. Please PM me your .aia so that I could test on new build


Housseins, not posible to add our .aia this is a 8 motnh of work , namy many hours, more than 8000 blocks and not possible ot upload to public, sorry


its possible that we have old gold appy builder, I want to have old appybuilder version for make copies and possible to will work, in new release we continius for test only.


8000 blocks? You better start optimizing that app. Almost everybody has problems with that amount of blocks. What is your app’s function? I can’t imagine an app that needs so many blocks.


I just want to tell you that my problem is solved. A big thank you to the Appybuilder staff and the moderators for the help!



Not importn the uses of my app or apps, I have in 5 languages (spanish, english, italian, french, portuguese) the importn is that was working perfect with old gold appybuilder version, never we have a problems, every time the generate .apk, work perfect, the .apk is 6 Mg only.

the problems is that with new release dont work, many problrems with this update since yesterday morning, the appybuilder staff dont avise us for new release for make backup copy and
this is the reason of this post.
please dont changue the post way and be positive for will solved or help to appybuilder staff for solved this release problems, see in this forum and not only our app many user have problems.


@Jose_Navarro PM me one of your aia that is not working so that I can test on my local updates


My problem is solved to.


We are in process of performing some more tests and will then publish the updates. Your patience is appreciated


It’s really hard to understand what you are writing there but I’m going to go with what I think you meant. My suggestion was to optimize your app, aside from the topic of this thread, mainly because it is more than obvious that an app with 8000 blocks needs optimization. I can almost bet whatever amount of money you want that 8000 blocks is totally unnecessary and my experience demonstrated MANY times that people who goes block-happy throwing thousands of them without taking care of optimization, they end up here in the forums asking for help when they reach the limits, which is NOT only the size in mb of your app.

But good luck to you and if it works, it works. In my experience EVERYTHING WORKS UNTIL IT DOESN’T ANYMORE. And 99% of the times when something doesn’t work it is because I didn’t make it the right way.