New Notifier 31-Jan bug


make it cancelable (=true), then add in 2 buttons


When I set cancelable =true, doesn’t it suppose to show the CANCEL button on notifier? But when the CANCEL button is not shown, how can the user choose to cancel the action?

For example if I set if the user clicks button 1, then go to page 2 and the user clicks button 2 then go to page 3 and if the user click cancel, then stay on the current page.


@Nickon He means even if cancelable is true Cancel button is not showing.
I checked and he is right.


@Bruger when cancel is set to true, user can click anywhere outside of dialog window to cancel. They can even tap on back arrow. If set to false, they can’t close unless they provide response


@John Does the user suppose to know that he can cancel by clicking anywhere on the screen?


@John thanks for clarify. Maybe users are not used to cancel that way.
Me personally I like the new way.


@Bruger Take a look at some of these Dialog windows; e.g. “using Google Location Service” dialog.
We can add it, but don’t really think its necessary.

There is no “Cancel” button. Only “AGREE”, “DISAGREE” (for yes, no); i.e. no Cancel :slight_smile:


I have tested notifier again and I think it works fine without Cancel button.

If clicking anywhere outside notifier to cancel is a common process for an android app and the users know the process, then the cancel button is not necessary.