New Notifier 31-Jan bug


I tested new notifier.
Now it works with long scrolling but:

  • I think that height is too short, little difficult to swipe long text in little space, and too many swipes to scroll.
  • Colors of background and text don’t change even choosing others in design panel.
  • I have the text MDHdati.csv simply bolded in my notifier. It is not a link but it appear wrongly as link. Underlined too. And clicking on it opens the browser to non existing page. I tried to uncheck linkify but even this not worked.

The most serious issue is that new companion 4.02 go in loop when i change screen in my app. I have two screen. First work. Second has always worked and i haven’t changed anything from last time and now the page continue to redesign not completely, and never rendering it entirely.

After last update companion can't load a project

On item 1, regarding height, we have to be considerate of landscape mode so that it doesn’t go beyond screen height
On item 2, we’ll work on that feature
On item 3, can you sharea sample text to show how you build it

Lastly, when do you change screen? When notifier is up?

Also it would be great if you could provide a simple aia that demonstrates the issue. Thanks


on item 1 please, consider to choose the desired height, or automatically adaptable to portrait or landscape.
on item 3 i post you the example aia.

i change screen with notify closed. notify request that i close it to use my app interface.test_notifier_ab.aia (1.6 KB)


@Manny is the issue only with companion? I built apk and works :+1:


The same apk builded works but companion fails to show it. Previous companion works


@Manny good to know that your apk works. Let us check into companion issue


The apk i provided was to demonstrate notifier issue with text become an unwanted link.

I try to figure out why is new notifier so strange…height too short for my taste apart, it have NO INERTIA on scroll! I have to say that i feel it uncomfortable…sorry. please consider add a little inertia. It should improve component’s behaviour.


@Manny I don’t know why its not working on your device. Using your aia, I created the .apk and tested and works with no issues in portrait and landscape (below). For height, we created issue HERE


Thanks for the height issue!

For unwanted link…is very strange! It is present not only on companion but in built app too.


I am also experiencing the same thing with numbers becoming a link…and when click it opens up the phone app.


I think to have found the problem in my second screen that go in loop and don’t renderize in companion (but work in built app).
In second page I have a customized version of Dendritas Tabla by @Andres_Cotes.
Removing it from my app (for test purposes, I cannot do without it) the screen renders correctly.
So I ask @Andres_Cotes if can he fix this issue. Or maybe @Hossein or others in Appy Builder Staff maybe check if the problem is caused by companion.


@Manny can you create a simple aia to demonstrate the issue?


now i try…i send it to you in PM


sent me test aia PM…


ok now i send it to you too


Hi, then I use 2 buttons text cancheble doesnt work. I dont see button with canchel.


It works. You won’t see CANCEL button. However, if cancellable=false, user won’t be able to cancel. If =true, then they can cancel


Thanks Nickon. But now I cannot make 3 buttons for notifer? for example :
rate app
close app


What’s the difference between Close and Cancel? We can add this option though


Hi @Nickon,

If you don’t see Cancel button, how can the user cancel?