New improved Notification Extension


This extension send a notification in a future time, even if the app is closed and , with a little programming, even if the device was rebooted.
Four types of delay are available, with some properties to adapt them to your current needs.
The notification itself has been kept quite basic, at present, with a title, a message and a standard icon.
A start value can be set and then handled to the app if restarted.
At device reboot, a notification can be launched as a reminder for the user.
The restart of alarms, to be fired after the system reboot,
is easily done if you save them, e.g. in a file or DB, with the data retrieved with the event block and reuse them, when needed, with RestartAlarm block.
Please, be adviced that all alarms are set with setInexactRepeating method. Check the android documentation to understand the reason for this choice and practical consequences (they are not suitable, for example, to program a precise alarm clock).

CancelAnEvent Cancel an event
(idNumber) event identification number

NotifyAtRestart send a notification after device reboot with a fixed text as a reminder,
(notify) true/false
ExecuteOnce Send a notification once, at a certain date
(various params) time and message parameters
(idNumber) event identification number

ExecuteAfterDelay Set a delay in minutes and can repeat the notification
(various params) time and message parameters
(repeat) true/false
(minutesToNextAlarm) time of delay

ExecuteInFixedDay Send a notification once a week, at fixed hour/minutes and repeat it after a week
(various params) time and message parameters
(repeat) true/false
(dayOfWeek) the day of notification: 0 today, 1 Sunday…7 saturday (default is today)

ExecuteFromStartTime Send a notification at a certain hour/minute and can repeat
(various params) time and message parameters
(repeat) true/false
(minutesToNextAlarm) time of delay

RestartAlarm Set again an alarm previously saved, e.g. after a reboot, with the same characteristic of original alarm (this restart is not possible for ExecuteAfterDelay)
(resetAlarm) a list with an alarm data retrieved with AlarmSet

AlarmSet return a list with data of an alarm just set, which could be reused later
(setAlarm) a list with last set alarm data

MinimumDelay Set the minimum delay between notifications
NotificationPriority Set the priority of notification from 1 to 5 (1 top…5 minimum)
NotificationVisibility Set the visibility of notification from 1 to 3 (1 min…3 maximum)
ShowToast Show an alert when an alarm is set
Sound Set sound on/off for notification
PersistentAlarm Set alarm to wake-up the device and send notification even if the app is closed
com.tiziano1960.seeyoulater.aix (22.9 KB)
scheduler20.apk (2.2 MB)

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Reminder alerts
Notice when my application is closed
Is it Possible? Urgent
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Notify_v3 Extension [Free]

I attach here the aia file of the demo
scheduler20.aia (31.5 KB)


This is very awesome… Thank you @Tiziano1960


@Tiziano1960 Thank you for


ExecuteInFIxedDay it is not working for me
I set it with the following parameters:

and it is 19:13 now.
so it should pop in 2 minutes.
not sure if it is the time issue?
Im in buenos aires argentina, but I assume it gets phone time?


Disculpa una pregunta!

Cuántas notificaciones se pueden programar a la vez?

Quisiera usar tu extensión como un tipo de alarma cada x tiempo para que el usuario ejecute mi app.


I do not think there’s a limit, but is not possible for your purpose to schedule a single repeating alarm?
Remember that if the user shuts down the device, you should be able to save your alarms before your app exit, to save programmed future alarms, and to reset them when the app restart.


It gets calendar time and add milliseconds to it; try to set the property PersistentAlarm to TRUE; if you got any problem, try the apk enclosed in this topic to verify correct working.



  1. Added Property SetStyle , set value 1 for normal notificaton (default), value 2 for Big Text style, to show more lines in a single notification.
  2. Now the notification shows your app icon.

New links
com.tiziano1960.seeyoulater.aix (24.2 KB)


As much as I try, whenever I choose a day 1 2 or 3 the alarm sounds today.



No importa el que yo elija 1 2 3 o 7 siempre se activa hoy a la hora que marque anteriormente!!!


otra cosa que noto! es en el momento que se cancela una notificacion dispara otra notificacion de aviso de cancelacion, creo que deberia de haber una propiedad para anular ese paso.


I see. I will publish the fix in the next few days.


update 25/4/18
fixed bug in fixed day interval
com.tiziano1960.seeyoulater.aix (24.6 KB)

(old examples of aia and apk files suppressed, I will reload them again but I’m thinking about adding new features before)


Can a feature be added to show the app info in the notification/pull down bar, whenever the app is minimized?
Like for an audio player, when it gets minimized, a notification with play/pause and stop button is displayed in the notification bar?
Something like this:



I’ m thinking just about someone like that.


Thank you. It’d be of much help.


Good day!

Thank you for the awesome extension.
May I ask that any idea for the title, message and startValue set by firebase in every notification? Like a news notification.
Thank you very much!


thanks for the quick solution!


bueno aun no me gusta la idea de que al cancelar una notificacion me dispare otra notificacion de cancelacion, deberia de ser configurable esa funcion, como showtoast