New improved Notification Extension


@Ken thank you sir
I don’t see any blocks in the extension that I use to put image on the notification

do you know how?


you can upgrade to api version 28. does not work with android 9


It’s not being updated anymore:


Hi Tiziano, just want to know what can i put in start Value i left it blank but what can i do with that params


That is no good news. Are there any alternatives?


If you don’t need the alarm piece:


May I ask what is the startValue for?


Can someone explain to me what is the start Value??? It will be a very big help for our capstone so we can graduate :frowning:


Basically It’s a variable that is past when opening a screen:


What does it have to do in executeOnce? what value should i put for example? does it hinder the app from sending the notification? I hope you can help me.


Im sorry for asking in Kodular. Im talking about this one. blocks%20(17)


Well if you’re using Kodular you should ask there and not here.