New improved Notification Extension


@Josiah_Eichelman There are some components (or related properties) that may cause this import issue. Is this a private app or something that you can share for our testing?


@Hossein Sorry I did not make myself clear, the import issue is no longer a problem. (I was stupid and was trying to load AppyBuilder features into App Inventor).

The problem now is to get notifications to display. I’m using the aia/apk file provided by Tiziano1960 at the top of this post.

I installed the apk (provided above) on my phone to test the app. It works. I then imported the aia file into AppyBuilder to test it. It does not work. This makes me think its a version issue?


Did you try this version of the extension?

You could use the old imported aia/project and import the new version of the extension into it and see what happens.


As I stopped to develop these codes, I release them for anyone to use for free. I hope that someone could amend them, because today they work only with API <=24 , and distribute to the communities, for free , the patched extensions.
This code is related to Improved notification extension (33.9 KB)
This one is related to Notification to the status bar extension (with last development - still in progress - for action buttons) (19.1 KB)


@Peter I just tried the extention for api 26 and did not receive a notification.
I set it with these parameters,


@Tiziano1960 I’m still learning, and do not know how to make extensions yet so cannot amend it. I will try to learn.

Are there any other notification extensions that work? (Not signal and Push notification as they require external server)


Notify v2 works on API16-28 but doesn’t have the alarm features that this extension does:


Hola Josiah, pudiste encontrar alguna Extension que funcione aunque la aplicacion no este corriendo?


Hola Tiziano1960 soy Javier desde Argentina
He probado tu extension “com.tiziano1960.seeyoulater.aix” y NO funciona para API26 (android 8.0) pero SI funciona la “Scheduler.apk” que compartiste!

A que se debe esto?

La extension es genial pues funciona aunque la aplicacion esté cerrada pero no puedo utilizarla…



See above post from Tiziano1960 .


Hola, gracias por la pronta respuesta

Probé Notifi_V2 y funciona con Android 8.0 pero no funciona si la aplicacion esta cerrada

Existe alguna extension (que no use servidores externos como OneSignal) y que funcione con Android 8.0 y si la aplicacion esta cerrada?


Sorry, Not that I am aware of


@Javier_Rizzitano I ended up using one signal and although not what I originally needed is working quite nicely after some tuning. I would recommend as a notification service.


ok gracias por contestar
tambien opte por OneSignal y la extension OneSignalPlus V4 y anda perfecto


I am running on s9 pie. I do not get any notifications other than alarm started. Toast. Otherwise it has all the blocks required. Pls update


One SIgnal takes a lot of user data from your app. Did you tell this in your Policy tothe User. Important are EU User, there is the same problem like with ads.
You have to be compilant with the GPDR.


Please can this extension send notification to all devices where the app is installed ?


No, this extension doesn’t have that capability.


Thanks bro :smile::grin:


hello guys :wink:
good afternoon!

I used this notif_Extension
and always have the “alarm set” do you know how to remove that pop-up message/notifier?

maybe show_toast to false


You could remove the Toast in the .java file.