New improved Notification Extension


I will look into it as soon as possible


Hi @Tiziano1960, can this be done that on clicking the notification we are directed back to the app, if app is minimized? Can this feature be added?
Also desperately waiting for the request I asked for here - New improved Notification Extension

I am even ready to sponsor both the above features. Please let me know.


Great extension. Only issue is that I don’t get notification if screen is locked. I receive it as soon as I wake up device. Any ideas? I have OnePlus3 with Android 8



You can use the time picker properties Hour and Minute as input fields of your ExecuteFromStartTime method.


Wow… Nice Extention!


Ciao Tiziano, questa estensione fa inviare notifiche a tutti gli utenti che hanno installato la mia app?
Prima di provare la tua estensione ho già provato questa ma installando la stessa app in due dispositivi diversi, la notifica che invio da un dispositivo non viene visualizzata nell’altro. Fammi sapere così in caso la provo. Grazie.


@Benny_Bean, I think you’ll need to try something like this.


Hi, I am having trouble with the ExecuteOnce function, as I can’t get it to send me a notification, even on your sample program. What type of data do I have to input?



Does this extension work on Oreo and Pie?


This update is to keep up with API 26. As I cannot test on a real device, please try (25.6 KB)



With this configuration I should receive the notification instantly right?


Before you should set the MinimumDelay at 0


With the above configuration I don’t recieve a notification on my Samsung S8 running Android OS 8.0


Is minimumDelay property set to 0?
Have you tried another block?


Can it be used to send notifications to users and that they receive notification with the closed app?


The app itself must have a service running in background . This feature, the service, is present only at Mit, as I know, in their experimental app builder. Look there to find more informations .


App notification extension no longer works? When loading aia file the following error is thrown,

When the extension is loaded and an alarm is set, a toaster notification displays “Alarm set” but no notification is received?

Anyone want to verify this? I may be using it wrong.

I’m running android 8.0,and the latest MIT app inventor,

Built: December 15 2018 Version: nb173
Use Companion: 2.49


Welcome @Josiah_Eichelman. This is the AppyBuilder forum not the App Inventor Forum. Does the extension work in AppyBuilder?


is this still working? how to send notification immediately?


@Peter Apologies!! I was not familiar with AppyBuilder, its amazing! Had no idea this existed, I love the extra features.

Unfortunately I still cannot get it to work. The aia file does load in appynuilder. I’ve tried the demo apk and it DOES work, but when the aia file is loaded and the same parameters are entered no notification is received.

I may be making a mistake but I don’t think it works, any ideas?