New extension ModCalendarView ( New Update 03/04/2019)


Hello all i present you a new extension ModCalendarView.

New Update 03/04/2019 you can see the new video :

  • Add style Event when select day.
  • You can use icon for indication of selected day like event.
  • Add color current day.
  • Add color clicked day.
  • Add Setcalendar block.
  • Add Event Click/LongClick of text date.
  • Add Event LongClick/Click day.
  • Add pattern format String text like “yyyyMMdd” “ddMMyyyy”


You have several parameters to make your calendar quite customized
- You can get all day selected with the form list.
- You can set a needed day on a list
- You can make also image on the background for ( calendar day and title )
- You can change the image of button next or back
- You can change the Local language ex : put “fr” , “en” , "ar " , …
-You can swipe calendar.
etc …


For other information visit here:


with this extension if I set a date in the future when we get to that date I get a notification in the notification bar even with the application closed.


no dear :slight_smile: you should manage the alarm by yourself the extension give you just the calendarView like video show


your extension work with the google calendar or a local propietary calendar?


I too am interested to know if it works with the google calendar like no answer.


local proprietary calendar