Need tutorials for ad amazon & mimedia


need tutorials for ad amazon & mimedia .


Do not have any tutorials for ad amazon & mimedia?


@Shivendra_Kr_Sahu we have attempted to use same blocks across all monetization components. For now, you should be able to follow same process as AdMob tutorial. We’ll take care of this


not get that place on ad amazon web site for AmazonPublisherId for banner ad & ApplicationKey for AdAmazonInterstitial.
so i, asking here for tutorials ,
need link for signup for MMediaInterstitial


i am also looking for its answer only miss pixii can give its answer…as she is always best to guide us :slight_smile: …and ofcouse she has Youtube power to explain all this in better way …Thanks in advance :slight_smile: @PixiiBomb


It actually is just like the admob monetization components.
But there’s a lot more work involved.

Follow the steps in the documentation:

(When in doubt, Google the documentation) :sunglasses:


thank @PixiiBomb .
& for where tutorials for ad mimedia ?


I think MMedia is being discontinued. I don’t know much about it. I just googled MMedia, and found this:


thanks for reply :slight_smile: yesterday i post a pic regarding amazon providing ads in few county …and in this they doesn’t mentioned India that means they are not providing ads in India :frowning: