Need Store data help


i want to save how many clicks on a button. i want to store button click data via as date.
suppose : Today click :3
if tomorrow click on same button. stored data will be update Like
Today click : 7

now to do this?anyone please help me


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You can easily achieve this by using tinydb to save daily click. And then, the amount if today’s click can be saved to sqlite or any database that you want.


There are a lot op topics of users who want to store data on a daily basis. So you can search the community.

This here is an excellent tutorial on the use of a TinyDB made by @PixiiBomb.


using fusion table to store data.but i don’t have any idea about day to day store data.


Why? It would be difficult if you don’t explain your difficulties. Maybe this post would help you to count time/daily tasks.


In addition to the Task Hour/Day tutorial I created, if you’re using a Fusion Table - you might want to check out my Fusion Table tutorial:


I want store day by day button click information.
suppose if any user today click the button. then click will be added something like
Today clicks: 16
then if date updated/change button click will be updated like that
Today clicks: 86
but how to use /store day to day information?
give easy solution.


Take a look at the structure of the Fusion Table.

userID | username | password | email | points | avatar | referral

In the Task Hour/Day tutorial (linked above), we added a new column to the Fusion table, and called it timestamp.
So now the column names look like this:

userID | username | password | email | points | avatar | referral | timestamp

Every single user has those 8 fields in common.
If you want to keep track of the number of clicks the user makes per day, what do you think you would do?
Perhaps… add another column?

userID | username | password | email | points | avatar | referral | timestamp | clicks

Easy Solution:

  1. Learn how Fusion tables work by watching the Fusion Table Tutorial (linked above). This will allow you to add, edit and delete anything you want from a fusion table
  2. Learn how to implement a timer that keeps track of an “event” by watching the Task Hour/Day Tutorial (linked above)

If you’re looking for an “easier solution” (like 1 or 2 blocks) - that just isn’t possible.
Programming user data requires understanding of how the user data fits together. It’s a lot of work, but you can do it :heart:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Very good explanation, @PixiiBomb :+1:


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