Need Solved android.permission.PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS


How To Solved This Issue Plz Help Me


Searching the forum would have helped you. This is the solution to the problem at the moment.


This is Games Apps No Call History Apps But i Don’t Know How To Solved This


do you use the phone call component?
as the link suggests from @Peter, remove that component and use the activity starter instead


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No I am not Use Call component See Screen Short


one of the components or extensions you are using requests that permission
you have to find that component or extension and use the activity starter method instead



I am Not Use This Page Call components And activity , But Why Need Call Permissions

Another Page Use This Option

Need Solved Plz suggests Me How To Use This


You have to test which of the extensions uses this permission. I guess it is not AppyBuilder related but extension related. Delete one at a time and see what happens.


first set all parameter, then call start activity
PS: please start a new thread for completely different questions… thank you