Need Help In My App data base .Daily 500 Active Users


I have a quiz app its have 200 download per day and i am using fire base database for store user data but .problem is the firebase free plan has only 10 Gb download .and my app total active users around 500 .daily download data from firebase is 2 to 3 gb .So please suggest me a free or Paid database platform for user data like store points sing up or login or many more thing.i know about firebase and fusion table database .now fusion table is not active google says and i dont have any knowledge about other data base . i have heard about SQL lite Or MySQL but i dont have any knowledge of that .please suggest me a database platform or some tutorial where i can learn how set up a database or how implement in user data .I am Login singup ,Store Points ,Update data Etc


Using cloud MySql could be an option


Hello, could you explain the functionality of the app, that is, what download from the online database, the users who install the app? You could manage the database differently, you could use sqlite as you said, but to give you some indication of need better than the logic of your application.


Dear Sir . I dont have any skill in Mysql do i need to buy a hosting for this .if then i can do that .But now my question is how setup MySql Database for Like User Registration ,Login and Update data.Please Suggest some tutorial i get some tutorial but those are not in English so i dont understand the procedure


Its like when user login in my app they have to get their points rank level ,name ,Mobile no Etc


Hello, I think that 10 gigabytes of data managed by a database are many, you should not have space problems. You could have them with millions of active users. I believe you could have a redundancy of data that you could avoid, but to understand it, you need to analyze your data management logic very well.


Firebase for calculating used storage are always high and you’d easily reach your max quota before you know it


I would like to suggest you to build a PHP admin panel.


if you don’t need a realtime database like that of Firebase, I suggest using MySQL as the database.
buy hosting accounts that have remote database features and unlimited storage capacity, many hosting providers sell these services at low prices.
but for that you need to know at least a little knowledge about php and MySQL (CRUD).
You can find a tutorial about it on Google, search using the PHP MySQL CRUD keyword.

if you still don’t understand exactly what needs to be done, you can send PM to me


You can create a simple table that uses same datastructure as firebase that only include 2 columns:
column: tag
column: value


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